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The British Online School is based in the UK and is part of the Spinnaker family of UK and international schools and educational services.

We provide easy to use and cost-effective online courses and educational support to help your child progress confidently and comfortably, no matter what level they are studying at.

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I think the British online school online platform is the best educational maths and English site for my kids. It's excellent in the way it gives the parent feedback. Also, congrats on one of the simplest and most interesting sites for maths and English.

Marry Smith

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Welcome to the British Online School! We are here to assist you with immediate access to some of the best online courses for students of all ages. British Online School is an UK-based business, but we are focused on helping students in Sri Lanka become the best in their field with state of the art online courses. 

We cover everything from primary school to high school as well as IGCSE courses. It’s crucial for us to bring in front of the utmost solutions and benefits every time. Our commitment is to value and professionalism, and we are working very hard to ensure that students have a vast array of courses they can learn and study as much as possible.

Our courses are affordable and they cover just about any type of content you are interested in. Our teachers are bringing in the latest information, while also making every course easy to read. We are firm believers that with the right assistance and help, it’s easier than ever to gain access to the best courses on the market. It’s a crucial aspect for us, and we guarantee that you will always have a very good experience. Plus, we provide premium support to all customers. You can always contact our team, ask for any assistance and support, and we will be there to help. Regardless of the student level, our unique approach towards online learning makes things easier and safer for everyone. It’s a convenient, affordable way for kids to access new skills and push them to the next level.

The British Online School team has created learner-friendly, high-quality content that helps students learn new things all the time. Students from all over the world can enjoy these great courses, and it’s an amazing way to pursue growth and amazing benefits in the long run. Give the British Online School a try today and enroll in amazing courses that bring in career growth and tremendous value for money!

The British Online School will make your learning fun and provide the right support and care to ensure your study is a success from Kindergarten to GCSE.

No matter what you are looking for; IGCSEs, Functional Skills, or GCSEs; the British Online School has got the course for you. Online distance learning has never been so popular. Millions of students around the world study online due to its convenience and lower cost.

That’s why we at the British Online School have created fun, learner-friendly, and highly motivating content where you can learn at your own pace and in your own time. 


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